(786) 543-8235 / (305) 205-4063

6940 Bay Drive, Miami Beach, Florida 33141

6940 Bay Drive, Miami Beach, Florida 33141
(786) 543-8235 / (305) 205-4063

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Tune My Body is a bodywork studio developed after many years of education, transformation and discovery in the power of healing and strengthening. In 1992, while personal training clients in a Brooklyn, NY fitness center, studying martial arts and going to school, I realized the impact of overworking my body and mind, and what it had on both my physical and mental health. I began to study how I could obtain peak performance and longevity and found it all possible using a combination of proper nutrition, workout programs and adequate rehabilitation, and I was able to strike a balance that maximized the benefits of any one of these alone.
Tune My Body was created for you to have access to the best male and female massage therapists, personal trainers and nutrition no matter what your lifesyle or budget. We will create programs to help make your goals in health a reality. Combining appropriate fitness programs, intelligent eating habits, bodywork and life force energy maintenance, we can fine tune our bodies for peak performance, stamina and longevity.

We offer indoor and outdoor sessions at our studio on Miami Beach or we can travel to you, anywhere in South Florida.

Tune My Body provides our clients with massage therapists skilled in:

Swedish : the 5 basic gliding strokes of massage for nerve and surface muscle. For relaxation.

Deep Tissue : To releive tension in the muscles below the surface. More Theraputic.

Hot Stones Massage : They help to retain heat which when used in a massage deeply penetrate into muscles, releasing pain.

Tui Na: Chinese Metode of pushing,Strechingand kneading the muscles.

Shiatsu:Its a therapy that uses ptressure aplied with,thumbs,fingers and palms.

Thai:Streching and deep massage

Neuromuscular Transmission

Lymphatic Drainage:This ,massage is a gentle work to assit in reduction of localised swelling as cellulite.



Sports Massage
Providing fitness training and wellness care for almost two decades, we are proud to serve guests from all over the world. We'll focus your sessions on repairing and strengthening the essential connection between mind, body and spirit with the intention of expanding your quality of life. And that we hope you are lliving to the fullest wherever you are, whatever you're doing!



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